Have you ever dreamt of running your own zoo? How about one full of dinosaurs? Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo is a mobile zoo-management tycoon game from Upjers that puts players in the manager's role of a particularly exceptional zoo.

Thanks to some boffin scientists, dinosaurs have been reintroduced to the modern world. Now it requires players with some entrepreneurial spirit to turn these prehistoric critters into some meteoric earnings. Starting with a small bank balance and a handful of eggs, players must breed their creatures and grow their tiny park into a veritable wonderland teeming with attractions and beasts.

Deciding on a strategy for your park is important, if players don't plan well, then they won't get the footfall they need to keep their park in profit. Players must think of practical solutions to questions such as "How should I most wisely invest my profits?" or "Which dinosaurs bring in the most income?".

Players must manage each aspect of the park, that includes keeping the dinosaurs happy via the supply of food, drink, and playthings. The guests need just as much attention, so players must also build them some snack shacks and souvenir shops as well as hiring employees to work there.

Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo Key Features

Cute Designs - While dinosaurs might be ferocious, Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo is a colourful and captivating world. Don't expect the blood and gore of Jurassic Park, and instead grow attached to your adorable dino friends.

Lots of Customisation - Designing the layout of your park is about more than just placing your dinosaurs. Players can implement their very own unique designs and decorations to make sure their dinosaur park expresses their personality.

Dinosaurs Galore - Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo features all of your favourite dinosaurs each showcasing their own animations and each having their own toys and attractions to interact with inside their enclosures.