Dirty Bomb is a new Squad-based free-to-play Shooter developed and published by Splash Damage. Dirty Bomb is an objective-based shooter that serves as a nod to the classics, catering a variety of game modes shaped by gamers for both old-school and new shooter fans. Fancy yourself a run-and-gunner? Take part in the ultimate FPS challenge in a game that emphasizes strategy and teamwork over lone wolves. Forget boring, faceless grunts and sci-fi super soldiers. Choose from a metric crap-ton of mercs with personalities as big as their guns, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Now go play dirty!

Dirty Bomb Key Features

Your Mercs, Your Style - Choose from a wide array of distinct Mercenaries. Need heavy fire-power? Pick Rhino, the mini-gun toting foul-mouthed bruiser with the firepower to match. Prefer the feel of a fast firing noob-tube? Nader’s your girl. Each Merc has a variety of load-outs and attributes to suit your style. So select your favorite three, form a squad, and get ready to Play Dirty!

There’s No I In Team - Although each Merc has their individual strengths, they really come into their own when working as part of a team. Success in Dirty Bomb relies on creating balanced Mercenary squads and showing your opponents the real meaning of hostile negotiations.

Competitive To The Core - Dirty Bomb is built to be a highly competitive and engaging FPS experience. From the team-based gameplay to planning unique merc strategies to achieve the objective, Dirty Bomb will have everything a player needs to vie for top honors.

A Mercenary's Playground - Compete for riches and bragging rights in 5v5 or 8v8 multiplayer action across the game’s initial two modes:

Objective-Based Combat – Complete team objectives such as hacking a mainframe while your opponent defends

Stop-Watch – It’s about teamwork and strategy in this race against time. Players take turns attacking and defending objectives while the clock counts down

Free-to-Win - Totally free to play and, more importantly, free to win, Dirty Bomb gives you hundreds of hours of competitive multiplayer fully supported by dedicated servers. It’s all about playing well as a team and mastering your Mercs and their abilities, not the amount of money spent.