Match-3 games are an ever-present, popular genre with many variants. To stand out from the crowd, developers need to add their own spin on the format. Well, Dirty League certainly does that.

Dirty League is a Match-3 game with (very) adult themes. It features explicit animated nudity, and a rather randy storyline which sees the player-protagonist venture through a fantasy world where demons aren't the only things that are horny. The ultimate goal is to battle kidnappers and free more (female) prisoners from a mystical prison.

Players collect cards complete with images of naked women which can be used in the Match-3 gameplay to deal damage to enemies. Each of these women has a different elemental power which can be combined for chain attacks and maximum damage. 

Dirty League Key Features

Big Choices - As a cross-genre game, Dirty League also features CCG (Collectible Card Game) elements. Before going into match-3 battle, players should tactically pick a team (not just on looks) and apply upgrades.

Free Loot- Dirty League works on a Loot Box system for many of the upgrades. New cards and coins can be bought via real money payment, but players also get a free loot box every few hours.

Graphic Graphics - The animations in Dirty League are well made, colorful, and extremely explicit. Just as they were intended to be.

Warning: Dirty League is strictly for adults. It is intended only for players over the age of 18 (or 21 in some states and countries).