District 187, from CJ Games, is a free to play shooter styled in 'Counter Strike' fashion. Players primarily play as either the Police or Bandits, and must compete in a variety of game modes to earn cash and experience, used to level up and gain access to new weapons and equipment. Step into the shoes of either a police officer facing off against an endless wave of gun toting thugs, or as a bandit, determined to score big no matter what the cost. Get together with friends or with random teammates online and get into the action!

District 187 Key Features

Cops And Robbers - Choose your faction and your purpose; do you want to make it rich regardless of the costs? Or do you want to hold the thin blue line against chaos and violence?

Get The Goods - Loads of weapons and gear await players in District 187. Get the weapons, gear, and gadgets you need to win the fight.

Counter-Strike Like Action - Shooters are a popular genre, and those following Counter-Strikes model and mechanics are at the leading edge. Controls are familiar and accessible, but responsive and precise.