Divergence: Online is a science fiction MMORPG that puts you in the shoes of a colonist in the 24th century. It's the year 2330, Earth Standard Date. Whether you're a Terran Human, Synthetic, Veli Vindicator, or Lokri, you're also a survivor of a massive crash-landing event wherein your capital ship was inexplicably and violently ripped from its orbit down to the surface of an alien moon. Now, you must find a way to survive all of the dangers of this strange new place; resources, weapons, shelter. You must prioritize, and find the means.

Divergence: Online does not placate the user. You won't be rewarded with thousands of meaningless achievements or exploitable special attacks. Our aim is to give the end-user REAL features, not just clever tricks of scenery, particles and way... way too much bloom. Divergence will never treat you like a child or lead you down a cleverly disguised pipe of an existence towards the same tired meaningless endgame. Come experience the game that many have given the title of "Star Wars: Galaxies 2.0". Are you up for it?

Divergence: Online Key Features

Many Professions - Complete recreation of SWGs Pre-CU professions system, including both the original 40+ SWG Professions and brand new professions such as Psychic, Hacker, and Operator.

Deep, Deep Crafting - Complete recreation of SWGs original and legendary crafting system, modernized and streamlined for maximum creativity without over-complication.

Build It - Tons of your favorite houses, structures, components and items completely recreated with up with a 1,000% increase in texture detail, with hundreds of additional items planned for recreation as well! Don't just drop a house, but truly manage it and your city's electrical power systems all from the comfort of your mayor's office!

Be Yourself... Or Anyone Else - Vast character customizability faithful yet vastly superior to SWGs original systems. Up to eight playable species (13 if you count the 5 breeds of humans) many with vastly different playstyles and capabilities.

Immense World - One single contiguous server. Everyone on Earth who plays Divergence shares the same huge 250km2 game world and is apart of the same community. The world features several biomes, including but not limited to temperate forest, arid desert, high desert, rain forest, barren steppes, open meadows, polar tundra, and alien environments as well.

Open World PvP - Open PVP everywhere, no exceptions. Along with this comes a zero-tolerance policy regarding hacking, enforced by live GMs.

Immense Levels Of Detail - High-resolution (4x higher resolution than Minecraft) building-blocks system for sculpting homes, structures, and facilities.