Divinity: Original Sin is a turn-based isometric RPG set in the Divinity universe which was introduced in Divine Divinity and expanded upon with its sequels Beyond Divinity and Divinity II. Take control of a party of heroes and guide them on a quest to learn a forbidden magic called The Source. This powerful magic was outlawed many centuries ago by the Council of Seven, the rulers of Rivellon, for it is written that from Source the lord of Chaos will spawn. Today, Source magic has been used to overthrow the Council. It's up to our heroes to save the Council and to do this, they'll need to uncover the mysteries of the Source and of those responsible for cursing the Council. Now as to how you do this, that's entirely up to you: this game is extremely non-linear and rewards exploration. There are many different ways in which you can complete the game successfully.

Divinity: Original Sin Key Features

Turn Based Combat - Optimal use of skills, spells, equipment, weapons, item combinations, and even the environment is required to overcome the various challenges the game will set before you. Spend your action points wisely, because this game rewards thinking things through.

Single Or Multiplayer - Experience this epic adventure alone, in single player mode, or together with a friend in cooperative multiplayer mode. The depth of the game ensures that even in multiplayer, you're engaging in much more than just combat!

Character Development System - Characters advance and grow thanks to the classless skill and stats system, allowing you to customize your character to be exactly who you want them to be!

Choices With Consequences - Your decisions will impact the outcome of your adventures; choose wisely! Exploration, patience, and a bit of diplomacy will go much further than chopping everything in sight.

Countless Items And Combinations - Seek out epic loot, and combine items into even more epic loot!

Make Your Own RPG - Take control of your own realms and worlds with the included editor, and design your very own RPG! Everything about your world is at your fingertips!