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DK Online DK Online DK Online DK Online

DK Online

DK Online (Dragon Knight Online) is a high fantasy 3D MMORPG set in a medieval world with an emphasis on large scale battles. Step into the land and choose one of four races and four classes, with each combination having unique abilities and options. Explore and experience the world, completing quests and challenges and facing fearsome foes. As you explore and fight, you will grow in power, improve your gear, and even fight in massive siege battles. Get ready for massive battles with friends against enemy guilds, take part in castle sieges, and explore and adventure for hours on end. DK Online offers a realistic fantasy world; are you ready to answer the call?

DK Online Key Features

Build Your Way – Take advantage of a talent based system to refine your character. You begin by choosing race and class, but the choice of talent trees and skills really lets you personalize a character.

Large Scale PvP – Experience Medieval combat the way it actually happened; in large scale battles and castle sieges. Fight against enemy guilds and nations, and claim glory, gold, and more.

Explore And Grow – Like many MMORPGs, DK Online offers quests and other PvE activities for players. Complete these tasks, learn how to play the game, and grow in power as you do.


DK Online

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