Dofus is a free-to-play MMORPG set in an amusing, colorful and enchanting world. Find all of the Dofus - dragon eggs that grant their bearers amazing power - and become the greatest hero in all of Amakna! Featuring a distinctive visual style, deep turn based strategy combat and numerous classes and customization options, Dofus is easily one of the most impressive 2D MMORPG's ever made. Go on an epic adventure on the back of your mount, explore the lush forests, deserted islands and lively cities filled with wacky people.

The world awaits! Explore dangerous dungeons with your friends and take good care of your adorable pets. Find the precious Dofus dragon eggs with immense powers to boost your character's stats. The cities in Dofus are bustling centers of commercial (and Criminal) Activity. The wildlife is magnificent, the water is pure, the air is fresh and sharp, and the earth is the most fertile you've ever seen. But behind the idyll, shadows and traps lurk; are you ready?

Dofus Key Features

Classes - Choose from 16 classes. Some are more suited for close combat and some prefer to attack from afar, whilst others focus on healing and protecting. Each class is affiliated with a god, who impacts their entire gameplay. In fact, the carnal body in which your soul is incarnated will have the physical and behavioral characteristics of your chosen god.

Pets - Dofus has pets which will follow you everywhere, granting you bonuses and impressing everyone with its cuteness. In return, you have to take of it and feed it regularly.

Dungeons - A dungeon is a series of around ten fights, with a break between each one for you to recover and change your equipment if needed. In the last room a boss will be waiting for you.

Fighting - Fighting is an art. Rather than charging in head first, think hard about your tactical game plan. Fighting works on a turn-by-turn basis: you take your turn to perform your actions, then observe those of the other players and monsters. Form a group of up to 8 players and attack the meanest monster around.

Quests - The inhabitants of the World of Twelve have important missions for you. If you help them, you'll be rewarded with kamas, experience and unique items. You can also spice things up by accepting the challenges on offer during fights.