Dogs of War Online is an online fantasy strategy game inspired by an extension of the miniature figures game called Confrontation. The player has to spend his army points to compose his upgradeable mercenary groups, with the units of your own choice. Afterwards, you the player can send them on a mission to try and beat your opponent in tactical arena battles, with turned based gameplay. Every battle you fight rewards the guild master with some resource points so he is able to evolve his units, but also brings series of injuries, sometimes severe, even fatal.

In Dogs of War Online you are at the head of a company of mercenaries formed with troops out of one of the three armies, or paths, that are in a constant struggle for the fate of Aarklash, the home planet of these war thirsty creatures. The three paths to choose from are the Meanders of Darkness, the Paths of Destiny and the Ways of Light.

Each of these paths currently have just one army, or races, to choose from when creating your mercenary troop. The Darkness gives you access to the Baronies of Acheron, an undead horde whose emblem is the Ram. Destiny gives you access to the Children of Yllia, a race of wolf-people whose emblem is naturally the wolf. Finally the Light gives you access to the Kingdom of Alahan, the humans whose emblem is that of the Lion.

Dogs Of War Online Key Features

Miniatures Based Combat - Balance and game rules based on the miniature tactical game Confrontation.

Diverse Factions - 3 factions with different play style : Light, Darkness and Destiny.

Powerful Generals - 9 Champions to lead your companies.

Multitude Of Units - 54 unique units to unlock, thousands of company combinations available.

Dynamic Gameplay - Innovative game mode with multiple objectives, monthly tournaments, and more.