Dominari Tournament is a fast paced competitive science fiction RTS that offers both hardcore AI for solo play and online multiplayer matches. The universe lies open before all, and it is rich for the taking. However, many would-be emperors and conquerors have the same idea, and inevitably, conflicts arise. You are one of those explorers, those would-be conquerors, and the only way to claim your slice of the heavens is to take it by force. In Dominari Tournament, your job is to explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate the enemy in a defined sector of the galaxy. There can be only one ruler of the heavens; will it be you?

Dominari Tournament Key Features

Classic Sci-Fi RTS - Like other similar games such as StarCraft and the Civilization series, you’ll start in one corner of the space map to manage your forces, build your resources, and defend your territory. Then, you will attack your enemy, defeat them (if you can) and claim the spoils!

Solo Or Multiplayer - Battle against intelligent AI opponents and test your skills. Beware; these AI opponents are anything but pushovers. Or, match up with players from around the world for intense multiplayer matches, and fight for it all.

March Toward Victory - You must use all the tools at your disposal wisely to achieve victory. Manage your resources wisely, prioritizing anything which advances your position. Time special attacks and weapons upgrades for best effect. Make strategic decisions and maneuvers at the right moment, and crush your enemies!