Dominator Battle is a free to play browser strategy MMORPG which requires players to build and upgrade their kingdom as quickly and effectively as possible. Players in Dominator Battle must be ready to repel invaders, withstand (and perhaps undertake) sieges, and engage in all manner of battles if they wish to gain supremacy. Stake your claim, fight against and alongside other players, and construct your empire; just remember that everyone around you is also eager to rule empires of their own!

Dominator Battle Key Features

Build Your Fortress - Players in Dominator Battle must manage their resources wisely, and turn a small village into a mighty fortress fit for war! Recruit and train troops and construct buildings and defenses as you prepare for battle!

Deal With Other Players - Lay siege to rivals to steal their land, wealth, and resources, and to simply eliminate them as competitors for the throne; mercy is for the weak! Dominator Battle is a game about domination, and one simply cannot afford to leave potential enemies around; make them allies, or make them dead!

Various Modes - Play through the campaign mode to earn money and experience, or take part in Daily Quests and barbarian invasions to gain further rewards. Compete in PvP battles with other players for riches and land!