Dragalia Lost is a free to begin mobile RPG from Nintendo set in a world of magic and dragons, where a group of heroes set out to weave an epic legend together. Dragalia Lost offers depth and immersion usually only found in console or PC games, with simple to use touch controls optimized for mobile devices. In the realm of Alberia, humans and dragons fight together to defend the world from danger. Build a party from a cast of unforgettable characters and set off for adventure! You can play alone or with friends, as casually or as serious as you wish. Dragalia lost is Nintendo's first straight to mobile new IP and offers mobile fans and classic party-based RPG fans lots to enjoy.

Dragalia Lost Key Features

Build A Party - Choose the members of your party from a memorable list of characters, from the arrow wielding Sylvan Luca to the holy light wielding Zethia. Party construction is the most important part of gameplay.

Master The Skills - Take control of a wide variety of abilities in skills and use them to advance in your adventures. These skills can be upgraded as you play, enabling your party to overcome tougher challenges.

Alone Or Together - You are free to quest and adventure alone, or you can team up with up to 3 friends and complete quests, challenging raids, and more together.