Dragon Atlas is a free-to-play fantasy browser MMORPG developed and published by 37Games. As a player you step into the world of Ymir where you have to become the greatest Dragon keeper, and the journey from total beginner to total master is not an easy one. Many challenges await you along the way; are you prepared to fight evil monsters and restore the balance in Ymir? Choose from a variety of fun and interesting characters, explore the world, venture into dungeons alone or with a party of friends, or take part in massive factional wars; there is so much to see and do! Will you be the best Dragon keeper?

Dragon Atlas Key Features

Diverse Characters - From the powerful mage who resonates with the natural world to the bloodsoaked fighter, the master of combat, you can select a character who fits your interests and playstyle!

Explore Forbidden Dungeons - Venture into dangerous and forgotten dungeons alone, or with a party of friends and allies, and seek out the greatest challenges - and the richest rewards!

Massive Factional Wars - You can help restore balance to the world by fighting for your side! Face off against other players in massive battles to determine the fate of Ymir, and to earn unprecedented glory!