Dragon Awaken is free to play browser-based fantasy MMORPG set in a dangerous fantasy world, with the player in the role of a warrior destined for greatness. Your commander orders you and your comrades to attack a dragon lair, but something unexpected happens. You end up possessing the power of the dragon and becoming one of the legendary dragon knights! Now you must seek out the meaning of your newfound powers, and learn to master them. Upgrade and grow your character while you explore forbidding dungeons, face your enemies, overcome challenges, and more.

Dragon Awaken Key Features

Hero Development - Featuring real heroes from mythology and history. Develop your heroes and conquer the world with them!

Hero - Mount - Dragon - Fighting is threefold. You grow your hero, you depend on your mount, and you must master the power of the dragons!

No Download Required - Players only need to log in to enjoy the game, they don't have to download anything. Play anytime, anywhere!

Thrilling Battles - The semi-turn based system offers you exciting and spectacular fight without dependence on twitch skills. You won't want to miss any detail of your battles!

Dungeon System - The unique dungeon system allows you to freely explore the world. Unlock and explore all of the dungeons to experience the story!

Astro System - Get different Astrals in the Astro System, and then equip them to get different stats and bonuses. This system allows significant options for customization.