Dragon Ball Online, often abbreviated as DBO, is a MMORPG developed simultaneously in Japan and South Korea by NTL, and set in the fantasy Dragon Ball universe of anime and manga fame. The world of Dragon Ball Online has been damaged and disrupted by a time travelling group of villians, and it is up to the player to travel throughout the realm and across time to stop them! Eventually the player will make their way to the Age 1000; along the way, they will have help and guidance from famous Dragon Ball characters along the way, and meet and overcome challenges and enemies from all across the Dragon Ball universe!

Dragon Ball Key Features

Three Iconic Races - Players can step into the action of Dragon Ball Online as a Human, a Namekian, or a Majin, each with a unique storyline and development options. Each race offers different class options; which path will you choose?

Many Classes - A character's class in Dragon Ball Online depends on their race; Humans can play as Martial Artists, Spiritualists, or Engineers, Namekians as Dragon Clan or Warriors, and Majin as a Wonder Majin or Mighty Majin! Each profession offers a distinct type of game, strengths, and weaknesses!

Dragon Ball Universe - Players can travel through time, seek out powerful Dragon Balls, explore the history and lore of the world, and interact with famous characters from across the Dragon Ball universe. Experience the story!