Dragon Heart Online is a free to play, fantasy inspired, turn based MMORPG. In Dragon Heart Online, the player steps into the shoes of a young adventurer from a northern island, who undertakes a quest to face a great dragon who lives in the remote center of the continent. Your warrior, archer, or mage will adventure across meadows and through deep forests, through mountains and caverns, all while overcoming fearsome dangers and gaining skills and experience. Learn the secrets of the mysterious powers at work in the world, and become a great hero!

Dragon Heart Online Key Features

Turn Based Combat - Designed for a more laid back gameplay experience, Dragon Heart Online offers relaxed turn based combat; there is no race to click the fastest or have the best twitch skills! Simply play the game and enjoy

Character Customization - Choose from 3 playable classes - Warrior, Archer, or Mage - and set off on adventure! You can alter your appearance and abilities by changing gear!

2D Map, 3D Characters - With the classic 2d map at a 45 degree angle, Dragon Heart Online is not a game which demands the latest in computer hardware; the characters however are rendered in 3d, which makes them more vibrant and alive, and combat more immersive and dynamic

Pets! - Everyone in an MMO loves pets, and Dragon Heart Online does not disappoint; train and fight alongside a wide variety of creature companions!

Dungeons, Quests, And Exploration - The game offers plenty for everyone to do; explore the world and complete tasks, or team up with others to face tougher challenges, like dungeons!