Dragon Nest is a free fast-paced Action-MMORPG from developer Nexon. Offering a cartoon version of Vindictus, players can enjoy similar gameplay without all the blood and gore; meaning it is safe for kids! Embark on a mystical journey following a gripping storyline while facing off against evil villains in various dungeons, explore the newly released Saints Haven and participate in all new PvP in the Arena. Choose from eleven different classes, each with unique sub-classes. Dragon Nest offers engaging combat and gorgeous graphics, fun to play characters, and an engaging story and world. Are you ready?

Dragon Nest Key Features

Lightning Fast Combat - Dragon Nest features an intense non-targeting combat system that puts the player in complete control of their character’s movements. Quick reflexes and mastery over your skills and abilities is the key to victory. Do you have what it takes to defeat fearsome dragons and conquer the PVP arena?

Choose Your Hero - Choose from one of eleven unique classes ranging from the stalwart Warrior to the agile Hunter. As you progress on your adventure you will be given opportunities to advance into one of 52 distinct specializations, each with their own unique skill trees.

Your Adventure Begins - Welcome to the mythical world of Altera, a land of magic, intrigue and monsters. Dragon Nest features a wealth of content for both solo and group play, but some nests are too perilous for even the mightiest hero. Team up with other players to conquer the most fearsome bosses, including ferocious dragons.