Dragon of Legends is an online action MMORPG for PC, Mac, Linux, and Mobile devices, that is heavily influenced by Gaelic and Norse mythology. Enter the ever-evolving lands of Hávámal, where the lights of faeries border the realms of darkness. After creating your own custom character and selecting a faction, you will set out on an epic quest to conquer evil and save the lands of Hávamál from impending doom, or succumb to the darkness and act as an agent of destruction. Set out on your own path, or band together with like-minded players in clans and guilds and wage war against other rival factions - or even turn on your own.

Dragon Of Legends Key Features

Action-Based Combat - There’s no tab based targeting or passive point, click, and wait combat mechanics here. All actions unfold in real time, rewarding players with skill and quick reflexes.

Diverse Classes - The cultures the classes are based on are different, but the class roles are functionally the same. For example, the Norse Bondsmen will have different skills and abilities than the Celtic Phalanx.

Rich Narrative - Players will quest and explore in a well researched, mythologically accurate game world. Every quest and every region of Havamal is engrossing.

Customize Your Character - Equip new gear in order to defeat tougher and tougher foes. Each equipment slot will change accordingly in-game and accurately portray what your character has equipped.

Public Journal - Choices that you make will have serious ramifications in the game world, and drastically alter your experience based on the decisions you make. Everything you do will be recorded in your own unique journal which can be publicly viewable.