Dragon Pals is a browser based fantasy adventure RPG. It features a colorful world saturated with interesting locations, unique events, and engaging characters. Players discover, unlock, customize and train pet dragons to fight alongside them all while participating in hundreds of unique quests, activities, and events! Dragons are the most powerful ally you can acquire in Dragon Pals. They have been sealed away from the world and require you to unlock their powers and bring back order to a world in turmoil. Explore the vibrant world of Dragon Pals and defeat the vicious creatures within! Advance through the world to discover the secrets hidden within and be generously rewarded in victory!

Dragon Pals Key Features

Three Unique Classes - Dragon Pals has three unique classes: Archer, Mage, and Warrior. Each of these three classes has its own set of unique skills and abilities.

Diverse Skill Set - Each class has its own unique skill set. These skill sets are made up of three different types of skills: Attack, Support, and Talent. Attack and Support skills may be dragged to the skill bar to be used in battle while Talents act as passive skills.

Earn Your Fame - With the addition of a Title System, and above will now be able to earn the titles they deserve. Unlock, collect, display and experience the fantastic bonuses these titles have to offer you! Title benefits accumulate, so the more you have the better your stats can be.

Train Your Dragon - Strengthen your dragon with the help of Dragon Orbs! You can either choose to focus on one stat or you can customize your dragon’s power any way you want with many different kinds of stat boosts.