Dragon Raja is an interesting 2D MMORPG. The game runs smoothly and plays like some of the older Ultima games for the PC. The game has five classes to choose from: Warrior, Thief, Wizard, Priest, and Archer as well as six crafting professions and numerous advanced professions to choose from. In addition, the game features numerous PvP modes, with an emphasis on large scale combat! The game'€™s graphics and gameplay are rather reminiscent of Ultima Online and other 1st generation MMOs! Choose from five diverse classes and jump into the game, and prepare for adventure!

Dragon Raja Key Features

Five Classes - Select from Warrior, Thief, Wizard, Priest, and Archer, each with unique strengths, weaknesses, and playstyles. Who will you be?

In-Depth Crafting - Select from six crafting professions, from Farmer to Miner to Fisher, and from there, become a blacksmith, a bowmaker, a candlemaker, and more! Crafting is fun and complex!

Large Scale PvP - Challenge yourself to combat against players from all over the world in various PvP modes! From Castle War to Dungeons, PvP is everywhere, and the victors take the spoils!

Diverse Spells And Skills - A simply massive array of spells and skills awaits! With so many choices, myriad tactical options are at your fingertips. What will you specialize in?