Dragonbone Dynasty is a free to play fantasy hybrid MMORPG and RTS, set in a persistent and magical online universe, which puts you in the role of a champion, leading a squad of warriors into battle. Prepare to set forth on a journey filled with action and excitement as you set out to uncover the secrets of the old world, and restore the realm to its full glory! Featuring a unique class system and squad based strategy combat where position and deployment are key to victory, players are free to make a name for themselves in the ranks of champions. Can you lead your team to ultimate victory, and win glory for yourself and the wider realm?

Dragonbone Dynasty Key Features

PvP, PvE, GvG, And GvE Combat - Fight against the environment and other players alone, or with your guildmates! Each type of gameplay offers unique challenges and rewards

Concurrent Turn Based Combat - All parties, whether in PvP or PvE, GvG or GvE, must make all action decisions before the turn begins, which means you must try and anticipate your opponent's actions. This makes for a deep, dynamic challenge!

Allies System - As you progress through the game, you will meet a host of allies to befriend, train, and lead into combat. Boost their levels, train them, and lead them to combat, using their skills to best advantage!

Pets. Wings, Farms, And More - Collect and train various pets and creatures to aid you in combat, acquire wings to unlock special abilities and just look cool, or even farm your own crops and potion ingredients, and much more! Dragonbone Dynasty offers lots to do!