Dragon’s Wrath is a Browser-based Action MMORPG developed by NGames and published by Game321. The game is based on western fantasy, and brings players a brand new experience through its gorgeous setting, fancy art style, unique combat design, and streamlined gameplay. Dragon's Wrath sports 4 different classes (Saber, Assassin, Mage, Gunner), all with their own distinct playstyle. Work your way through dungeons and face powerful bosses in glorious beat-em-up format.

Dive in to the rich world of Dragon's Wrath and enjoy its action-packed gameplay in the comforts of your web browser. In Dragon's Wrath, players take the role of heroes from different fantasy races as they explore mysterious worlds and take on powerful dragons, demons and other mythological creatures. In the game, players can also join one of three factions (Empire Guards, Lionheart Knights, and Inquisition). Dragon's Wrath also features a myriad of world bosses and instances, all ready for you to challenge. Players can also take part in various PVP arcade matches such as guild battles, faction battles, siege war and tournament challenges.

Dragon's Wrath Key Features

Four Unique Classes - Choose from Saber, Assassin, Mage, and Gunner, and prepare for a fight!

Intense PVP - Diverse PvP modes await, including Guild Battles, Tournament Challenges and Siege Wars!

Rich PVE - Immersive and extensive PVE content awaits! Complete dungeons, quest chains, and challenging world bosses for the best epic loot

Action Packed Gameplay - Stunning beat em up combat delivers the intensity!

Automated Combat System - The game can handle the tasks of combat for you, leaving you free to focus on other things!