DreamFields is a free to play browser-based which lets you choose a character and then build your very own farm deep in a fantastic forest. Claim a bit of the forest for yourself! Clear a plot of land of trees and obstruction and collect resources by chopping wood and hewing stone. In the center of your farm is the most important item you have access to; a huge jam cauldron. Within this cauldron, you make jam and give it to the bears. Those bears will then help you out with the tasks and chores around the farm! From faeries to dream bubbles to enchanted animals DreamFields truly lives up to its name!

DreamFields Key Features

Build Your Farm - Enlist the aid of the local bear population and build the farm of your dreams. Harvest resources, build your farm, and live in harmony with the creatures around you.

Complete Missions - Carry out various missions assigned to you by the magic lanterns and other forest spirits. You can level up and receive all kinds of useful rewards!

Fantastic Creatures - From the faeries who give you missions to the animals you collect inside Dream Bubbles, Dreamfields teems with fantastic creatures. Get ready to lose yourself in their company.

Play Together - DreamFields is an innately social game. Play now and start building your own farm in this fun online social game!