Drift City is a racing MMO with a well developed mission system, fast-paced racing mechanics and multiple large cities to explore. It is a unique variety combining roleplay with racing and offers a lot of content such as leveling up your character, customizing your vehicles, racing against other players, doing quests and missions, delivery service, instances and much more!

Unlike most MMO racing games Drift City, known as Skid Rush in Korea, has a real storyline. It's set in the future and there is no oil. You find a magical island with an amazing new fuel source called Mittron! This new resource powers every transportation type! Try it out in a car and you discover that it's pure steroids! Your car runs faster, cleaner and for much longer. The world leaders start to import this resource, and take all the advantage over it.

The game has amazing graphics and lean more towards a cartoony feel than the realistic best sellers we know, like Gran Turismo or Need for Speed. You can easily run Drift City anywhere, on any computer. The gameplay is also easy to use, and you can earn Mittron - which is the new currency - as well as XP, so you always have something to do. The variety of tasks you can perform in the game ensure it's always fresh. It doesn't get repetitive, and some delivery types can be very challenging.

When you are not racing you can roleplay, which is more singleplayer but still well worked out. There's a huge world to discover, with traffic, street lights and even some special places to access. There are four stations with missions around the city, both easy and hard.