Dropzone is a unique free to play hybrid of sci-fi MOBA and real-time strategy game, where players build and control team of three units in dynamic 1v1 battles. Like an RTS, the characters under your control can work as a team, or they can be sent off on their own to secure different, diverse objectives. Like a MOBA, you control the abilities of your team members as a single entity, and your characters level up and can unlock new skills and acquire better gear.

Your team members pilot rigs into battle - large mechlike battlesuits bristling with weapons and combat gear - and each team member fills one of three roles; tank, damage, or support. Can you assemble a cohesive team, make the best choices regarding their advancement and gear, and maintain enough situational awareness to lead them to victory?

Dropzone Key Features

Build Your Team - Choose three rigs, assign three pilots, load them out, and set them down in the Dropzone. Your 15-minute duel is about to begin! Choose from six different pilots, each with unique skills and abilities, and get out there!

Use Speed And Strategy - Gather as many cores as possible in the available time. Fight back the alien Kavash to earn cores and then upload them via the uplink – while simultaneously preventing your opponent from doing the same!

Near Limitless Combinations - Kit out your rigs, level up your pilots, and mix and match gear to suit your personal playing style. Combine that with your own skills and prove whose strategy is the best on the battlefield!