Dual Universe is a sandbox first-person MMORPG set within a seamless sci-fi universe made of millions of planets. The world is entirely editable, and the game focuses on massive scale emergent gameplay based around exploration, voxel building, trade, politics and warfare. You start in the world, stepping out of your cryosleep tube, ready to take possession of the new gigantic planet where you have just landed. This planet is one among thousands of others, all beautifully generated and ready for you to explore, exploit and conquer. Dual Universe is about true massively multiplayer experience. There are no boundaries, instances, or zones. You can experience real cooperation and competition, forge intergalactic empires or giant cities, gather thousands of players in alliance events and tilt the balance of power with epic battles, or diplomacy. Leave your mark. Shape the fate of worlds.

The Dual Universe Key Features

Voxel Building - The voxel engine of Dual Universe invites you to create, shape, and grow. Build anything you can dream; ships, cities, satellites, and more.

Scriptable Ships & Constructs - Advanced players can script any ship or construct to control aspects of it, from navigation to weapon systems. Design your own AI!

Team Up Or Go Solo - Ships can involve hundreds of players all manning different weapons and systems! Command an actual crew from the bridge... or, go solo, and take your chances!

Emerging Political Systems - The politics in Dual Universe will depend on the players, the alliances they form, and the power they can bring to bear. Can you lead a nation?

Realistic in-game Economy - The economy is realistic, demand and supply driven, and dependent on trade and investment.

Huge Seamless World - Explore a vast universe of countless worlds, filled with opportunities and players.Dual Universe supports all the players at once in a single, undivided game world!