Duel of Summoners is a free to play trading card game based on the characters and stories of Mabinogi, and played with a deck composed of only 12 cards. Duel of Summoners is mechanically very similar to mobile CCG Mabinogi Duel, but optimized for PC and Steam clients. During the game, you will summon creatures and cast spells to defeat your opponent and disrupt their strategy. Collect, play, and compete with players from all around the world as you work to build the ultimate deck. With loads of in-game events, daily challenges, and rewards for PvP matches, it's easy to keep getting new cards and strengthening your decks. Regular updates, new card sets, and special edition cards add to the dynamic variety. Are you ready for the challenge?

Duel Of Summoners Key Features

Near Endless Content And Fun – Adventure through immersive campaigns, daily missions, and competitive arenas. Win money and new cards, and have a ton of fun doing it.

Real Time PvP Arena – Join the arena to reap rewards from players worldwide or simply compete with your friends for bragging rights. The higher the rank you reach, the richer the rewards.

An Actual Trading Card Game – Collect powerful legendary cards from game content features and trade exclusive cards with other players across the globe.

Demanding Strategy – Build your ultimate deck around your favorite cards and use different strategies against friends and foes in battles, but remember; you have only 12 cards to work with! Make them count.

Easy To Start And Learn – Learn as you go with the streamlined tutorial in the fun single player campaign with more than 100 different adventures! It’s never too late to get into Duel of Summoners.