Dungeon Fighter Online is a free-to-play arcade-style side scrolling action game mixed with RPG elements, delivering a unique game experience! Travel alone or with friends across exotic lands and fight fierce monsters as you seek fortune and glory, or challenge other players to fierce 1vs1 PvP battles. Fast paced and fun, Dungeon Fighter Online has been chosen by millions of players from around the world, and with good reason; it's simply a fun game. Fortune and fame await... just off the side of the screen to the right! Built with the powerful Unreal Engine 3, Dungeon Fighter was made for one purpose; action!

Despite being released all the way back in 2005, Neople's Dungeon Fighter Online is still playable today, and still has a strong following in South Korea where it goes by the name Dungeon & Fighter. If you fancy a retro rollercoaster of a game, start with a piece of history.

Dungeon Fighter Online Game Features

Classic Arcade Action - Dungeon Fighter Online allows players to relive those arcade memories of playing your favorite side-scrolling hack and slash games with your friends; fun, fast, and free!

Many Characters To Choose - Dungeon Fighter offers players nearly 20 playable characters to pick from, each with unique skills, strengths and weaknesses, and dynamics. Master one, or try them all!

A Community That Cares - The moderation and development teams value communication with the players. What you want matters, and player feedback is always considered when planning updates.

Millions Of Players - Dungeon Fighter Online is popular with fans across the world! There will never be a shortage of people to play with, or challenge to matches; a community this size cannot be wrong!