Dungeon Hunter Champions is a free to play mobile fantasy combat game that lets you build a team of champions and embark on PvP and PvE adventures! Join thousands of other players online in this exciting ARPG in both cooperative PvE and competitive PvP content. Or if you'd rather go it alone, play solo and enjoy an immersive and engaging campaign mode! The core of gameplay centers around building a team of heroes and then leading them into battles. There are hundreds of heroes to collect, and each one brings unique strengths and abilities to your party. If you're a fan of mobile team management games and ARPGs, give Dungeon Hunter Champions a closer look.

Dungeon Hunter Champions Key Features

Build Your Team - Collect and summon champions from every corner of the world! Each one brings unique strengths and skills to your roster, and they can be further empowered through gameplay. Your team composition is critical and the combos are near infinite.

Epic Campaign Mode - Learn the story of the world and collect champions at the same time. Test out your strategies and team compositions against powerful raid bosses. Defeat the most powerful enemies and claim epic loot for your champions!

Cooperate And Compete - Prove your skill in real time 5 vs 5 PvP battles, and climb the rankings to the top of the leaderboards. Or, work together with friends to defeat the toughest PvE content. You can even loan champions to one another to use.