Dungeon Party is a free to play team based fantasy MMO, in which you and your team explore dark and deadly dungeons. Here, you compete in teams of heroes in dungeons full of deadly traps and awesome monsters to win the treasures they are trying so hard to hide. In order to succeed, you must develop your character during the matches and select spells and special abilities very carefully to maximize team support and strength. Create your character, load them out with the best gear and items, and get ready to delve into the deepest, darkest dungeons you've ever seen!

Dungeon Party Key Features

Customize Your Character - Select the type of character you want to create and decide what skills, spells, and gear you want to use. Your teammates depend on you making solid choices!

Create Your Own Levels - Use the built in level editor to create your own dungeons full of monsters, traps, and treasures, and then let your friends explore them!

The Power Is Yours - As you explore, you will gain experience and grow in power, gaining access to even better skills, spells, and gear! The more you explore, the more powerful you will become!

Team Based Dungeon-Crawling Fun - Explore dungeons riddled with hundreds of deadly traps and powerful monsters. These critters will defend their treasure and their homes with their lives, so you'd best prepare for a fight!