Durango is a mobile online survival MMORPG developed by Nexon with a twist; you must survive in a world filled with huge, hungry dinosaurs! The game offers all of the things you'd expect in a good survival game - scrounging for resources, food, and weapons, immersive atmosphere in a hostile environment, building a shelter, multiplayer play, and... dinosaurs. Fight dinosaurs, run and hide from dinosaurs, tame and ride dinosaurs, get eaten by dinosaurs, eat dinosaurs... you probably get the idea. Durango offers fun survival gameplay anywhere, anytime - whether you're on the go or at home, whether you've got hours to kill or just a few minutes on the bus!

Durango Game Features

Ride Dinosaurs - You can tame and ride on a dinosaur!

Jungle Environment - Survive in a dense tropical jungle, fully rendered with beautiful graphics. Scavenge for items, build shelters, and overcome the hazards of the prehistoric world

Fight Dinosaurs - Use your wits and your weapons to fight off dinosaurs!

PvP - What would any online survival MMORPG be without PvP? In Durango, not only do you have to fear the dinosaurs, but the other players may also be out for your blood.

Survive Dinosaurs - Run, hide, and climb to safety; the terrible lizards are huge and hungry!

Dinosaurs - Did we mention that this game has dinosaurs in it?