DUST 514 is an upcoming free-to-play MMOFPS for the PS3 and the first ever free-to-play FPS for console. As a PS3 exclusive title, players will join the EVE Online Universe, fighting battles not in space but on the planets littered across New Eden. Fight for control over planets, take contracts from real EVE players and experience a real-time connection between the two titles like never seen before.

DUST 514 offers intense combat in a massive, Interconnected universe of thousands of planets, where battles are about more than just climbing a leaderboard. The Combat Gameplay is focused on intense infantry combat, augmented by powerful ground and aerial vehicles.Dynamic battlefields. Each battleground will be laid out according to its planet and location, creating a different experience every time. A living universe. Battles can change planetary ownership, and your victories will impact a universe occupied by thousands of EVE Online players on PC and DUST 514 players on PlayStation 3. Mercenary quarters & the War Room, The pre-battle lobby (War Room) and your own personal space (Mercenary Quarters), are your first window into the DUST 514/EVE Online universe and our first basic social environment. Corporations & alliances. Team up with fellow DUST 514 mercs and EVE Online players on PC to dominate your shared universe.