Earth & Beyond, originally named Project G., is a groundbreaking science fiction MMORPG set in the year 2575 AD, and focusing on the ongoing power struggle between three rival races. The hypercorporate Terrans control Earth, the genetically engineered Progen command Mars, and the enlightenment-seeking Jenquai have colonized the moons of Jupiter. Their long history has been marred by war, though now an uneasy alliance has led to a time of relative prosperity for all. However, the shadows of war are beginning once again to darken the horizon, and the future is all but certain. This is time of frightening possibilities and exciting opportunities. This is your time.

Earth & Beyond Key Features

Choose Your Race - The perfectionist Progen, the competitive Terrans, and the peaceful Jenquai all are descended from Mankind, but are very different in their attitudes and cultures. Which one will you be?

Much To Do - There are three different classes to choose from in Earth & Beyond; Warrior, Trader, and Explorer. Face off against powerful and rare bosses, fight off invaders, explore the stars, corner the market...

Advance And Overcome - There are three types of experience points; Combat, Trade, and Exploration XP. Gaining levels is an achievement, not a stepping stone. You can take pride in growing and learning.

Space And Ground - Gameplay is in third person in character or spaceship view, depending on the activity you're engaged in. Customize your character and your starship, and be ready for all challenges.