Echo of Soul Classic, formerly known simply as Echo of Soul, is a free to play fantasy MMORPG which immerses the player in a vast world of adventure. Odin and Freya, King and Queen of the Gods, had long been the shield which protected the world from darkness. However, despite their most valiant efforts, the corrupted soul of Ymir, the Giant Tree, overcame Odin and Freya. Ymir's black spirit, known as the Shadow Would, had returned to spread ruin and sorrow throughout the land. You have been chosen by the gods to be the light in this darkness, and upon your shoulders rests the fate of the World Tree, source of all creation. Are you up to such a challenge?

Echo Of Soul Classic Key Features

Choose Your Class - Echo of Soul Classic offers six different classes for players to choose from. The powerful Warrior, the cunning Rogue, the resilient Guardian, the mystical Sorceress, the lethal Archer, and the otherworldly Warlock all await your summons. Who will you be?

Endless Adventure Awaits - Hundreds and hundreds of quests and dungeons await you. Endless dungeons stand ready to challenge you. PvP Battlefields exist to empower you. There is nearly no limit to the activities, both PvP and PvE, that await you.

Real MMORPG Play - Join guilds with other players, and make new friends from around the world. Learn to harvest resources and craft valuable items. Collect souls to empower yourself with buffs and unlock achievements. Upgrade your gear with jewels and other upgrades. What will you work on today?