Eclipse War Online is a free-to-play Fantasy MMORPG by PLAYWITH Interactive. Players can transform into almost all of the monsters and even the bosses in the game, using the transformation card. In Eclipse War Online you are thrust into a fantasy world where two races are battling for ultimate control of the continent, Karis. Harness the power of the living world around you and take the form of any of the monsters and beasts you find in this brand new adventure!

There are over 700 cards waiting for you to find and collect them! Slaying enemies will give a chance at a card drop for that monster, allowing you to then transform into them. Earn bonus stats and skills from each card. There are 5 grades of rareness, ending in Legendary. Transformation cards can also be refined, evolved, and combined to form new cards!

Eclipse War Online Key Features

An Ever-Changing War of Two Races - Character builds will vary from every single player, and the use of Transformation cards will change battle entirely.

PvP Your Way - Choose to attack an enemy in open world combat, or head into the battlefields for organized team play! No matter which you prefer, the dynamic gameplay will keep things fresh and dynamic! Eclipse War Online even offers an exciting new 3 Lane AOS type PvP mode complete with towers and minions!

Night & Day | All transformations have a certain time of day to earn special perks. Will you be a daytime hunter, or a nighttime stalker?

Character Transformations - All beasts and monsters in Eclipse War can drop a special Transformation Card, allowing your character to take their physical form. There are over 700 different cards in the game; can you collect them all?

A Living World - All species have a combat advantage or disadvantage based on their target and their location. In addition, every species has natural predators, and natural prey. In-game this means stat buffs or debuffs when facing off against a predator/prey. You aren't the only one who will be collecting powerful transformation cards. Learn what cards are best for the enemy at hand.