Eco is a global survival strategy game, where you and the other players must build a civilization as a group without destroying the environment or yourselves. To do this, you'll need to propose and vote on laws about how you use the resources of your world without destroying it. Eco provides an epic environmental MMO, where failure can mean not only the destruction of the world, but in server-wide perma death. You must build your infrastructure, manage your resources and the environment, manage your economy and labor resources, and stave off disasters both natural and man-made. Only by working together can players hope to create a lasting world!

Eco Key Features

Economy Vs. Ecology - Players in Eco must manage a fine balance; do nothing to the environment, and a meteor may destroy the planet anyway, use too many resources, and destroy the world faster! Use player created and enforced laws to shape the direction of the world.

Building With A Purpose - Building a structure in Eco will have actual impacts on the game experience; a jail is required to imprison lawbreakers, for instance.

Own And Develop The Land - Land in Eco is yet another form of commodity; in your world, will all land be public? Private? A balance of the two?

Manage Labor And Resources - Every task in the game must be done by someone; you can hire other players to do your projects for you, or sell your services to others.

Commerce And Trade - Trade directly with other players, or sell products through a special store, where you can decide what you have to sell, and what you want to receive for your goods!