Eden Eternal is a free to play fantasy MMORPG set in a lush, anime-inspired world where players are not limited to one class per character, but can freely switch between classes as they progress through the game. On your journey you will meet a plethora of different races, including a variety of beastly races. Journey on and discover who is friend and who is foe. Once you've forged alliances and made enemies, you can battle it out in Eden Eternal's exciting and fast-paced PvE and PvP combat. Can you keep up?

Eden Eternal Key Features

Class Freedom - Eternal Guardians possess so much power, they're never limited to just one class per character. Start as a Warrior or Magician, then freely change between classes as you unlock them. Characters will discover a total of 16 playable classes!

Fast Paced Combat System - The combat in Eden Eternal is fast and furious, with powerful attacks from fearsome beasts coming from every side. The game's unique break point system is designed to keep even the longest battles interesting; target a boss's weaknesses to do extra damage, then watch as it becomes visibly injured and its attacks falter!

Play Together - Get social and be part of a guild to obtain various benefits for both you and your guildmates as you work together and even build your own town and customize your adventure the way you and your friends see fit!