Eden Rising: Supremacy, also simply known as Eden Rising, is an open world cooperative action game which blends tower defense and survival elements to deliver a unique and fun multiplayer experience. Team up with friends and enter the mysterious world of Eden, a strangely beautiful world full of ancient ruins and strange creatures. This world was long torn by war, and the arrival of these new visitors has rekindled the conflict between these strange creatures and the Crucibles, ancient and powerful machines. You must defend the Crucibles from attack, as they are the only safe havens for you and your companions, but defending them of course comes with danger. Your efforts, however, will not go unrewarded: the Crucibles promise you near limitless power if you should be victorious!

Eden Rising: Supremacy Key Features

Unique Co-op Experience - Form a Tribe with other players to defend the Crucibles and fight off fearsome monsters.

Rich Open World - The world of Eden is vast, and is full of unique creatures, forgotten ruins, and hidden secrets. Explore as you wish!

Craft What You Need - You can build a variety of unique weapons and armor, traps and defenses to defend your base and defeat the enemy.

Customize Your Server - Set up 8 or 16 player servers and customize the difficulty for tribes of any size.