Edengrad is a sci-fi survival MMORPG game based in a post-apocalyptic setting and inspired by classics such as Fallout and Mad Max. The game is a true sandbox; players have no set goal, no final quest or destination. You are free to do whatever you wish. At first, you must simply learn to survive; hunting small game, collecting enough firewood, and simply staving off dehydration. However, there is strength - and convenience - to be found in numbers, and that is when the game really begins.

Creation of micro-communities guarantees all members enjoy benefits inaccessible to a single player. Establish a settlement and develop trade, socialize, and simply enjoy the security a community can bring. All options connected with towns, factions and characters’ development are colored with rich storyline and quests that can’t be found in other survival productions. With non-linear gameplay, true social aspects, a dynamic world, and plenty of action, Edengrad is a survival MMORPG not to be missed.

Edengrad Key Features

Community - One of Edengrad’s most important functions is the possibility to join parties and factions – it’s easier to reach for the greatest achievements together.

Storyline - Edengrad is a game that takes place in a world that has been polluted due to longstanding, global wars. A factional part of society survived the turmoil of war, but the massive contamination of environment forced the survivors to choose between emigration to another planet to seek for a better future or staying on Earth and living in huge, underground vaults.

Skills - The player has at their disposal several developable skills ranging from carpentry and woodcutting to engineering and farming. Players can trade and import unreachable goods from one region to another. Combat is an important but not crucial element of the gameplay.

Innovation - The game enables players to personalize their characters; users are able to modify characters’ faces and make them unique. Characters’ outfits can not only be found, but also sewed, and thanks to individually picked elements, their uniqueness rises.