Egress is a Battle Royale style game which focuses on intense, hardcore melee combat, set in a sinking city where death is all but certain. You begin by choosing from a roster of characters, each of whom comes with different strengths and skills. Then, you enter a large - but shrinking! - arena which blends elements of the Victorian era, Lovecraft's mythology and Retrowave. Chop, block, and dodge your way to the winner's circle in intense melee battles. Explore a multi-leveled city full of useful items and dangerous enemies. Play alone or team up with friends, and fight for your life! Egress provides a fun new take on the popular Battle Royale genre.

Egress Key Features

Vast Deadly Arena - Explore the houses, streets, sewers, and much more of a city based on Victorian architecture and Lovecraftian myth, full of wonders and dangers. Be quick, however; the city is slowly sinking, and drowning is a bad way to go!

Intense Melee Combat - Fight your battles with an elaborate combat system based on attacks and dodges and ability combinations. Every character has unique skills and traits, so play to your strengths. Use potions, gear, and more to best advantage, and win!

Solo Or Team Based - You can take on the challenges of Egress alone, and worry only about number one. Or you can team up with friends and use coordination and tactics to sweep the enemy players from the field.