Elements: Epic Heroes is a mobile 3D online fantasy RPG. The dark forces have taken control over the realm! Lead the epic heroes to defeat the Dark Lord and clear the darkness from the world! Become a real commander of an army which battles to the army of darkness. This 3D action RPG has real-time battles and up to 4 player co-op. There are multiple heroes to choose, players can complete quests, raid dungeons, and collect powerful loot in this amazing world.

Elements: Epic Heroes Key Features

Simple and Intuitive Mechanics - Tap to control your heroes and go towards an enemy to attack! Activate deadly skills to clear the dark forces from the realm!

Real Time Boss Raid - Team up with four other players in real time to defeat raid bosses! Fight together against the Dragon or challenge the Dark Knight.

Infinite Tower - Test your limits by progressing through the Infinite Tower. The higher the floor you reach, the more rewards you will get!

Leaderboards - Try to rank the highest on the leaderboards for amazing rewards. Become the leader in various leaderboards!

Socialize - Make friends at Skyrock through the global chat. Add friends and hire each other as mercenaries!

Equipment Upgrades - Collect gems to upgrade your gear. Enhance your equipment to make your character even stronger!