Elyon, formerly also known as Ascent: Infinite Realm is an MMORPG set in an open world with a fantasy setting.
The world of Elyon is a true paradise, but two factions are at war with each other, with both sides seeking to control the land and rebuilt their home.

Elyon let's you create and customize your player character as well as choose from one of 5 different races.
From the long-living elves, to the adaptable humans, mighty orcs or the crafty Ein, there is an option for everyone.
And if that isn't already enough choice, there are also 5 different classes to explore.
You can dominate the battlefield as a Warlord, charging into your enemies and seeking out a direct confrontation with your enemies. As a Mystic, you can heal your party and yourself while also punishing your enemies using the power of nature. The Elementalist has mastered the abilities of ice, fire and lightning to deal devastating attacks to anyone daring to oppose them. From a distance, you can play the Gunner, an expert with guns and an excellent sharpshooter. Last but not least, there is the stealthy Assassin, dealing a massive blow to the enemy and then disappearing into the shadows again.
Every class offers a wide variety of skills you can choose from to create your own playstyle for different battles and challenges.
Besides the combat, Elyon offers a large amount of activities, ranging from housing, fishing, cooking to crafting and many more.

Elyon Key Features

A Massive, Fantasy Open World - Explore the large world of Elyon and discover it's beautiful landscape

Character And Skill Customization - Create your very own and unique character with the powerful character creator. Custimze your skill loadout and combine them runes and mana awakening.

Large Array Of Activities - You will find Quests, Bosses, Treasure Hunts and many more activities in Elyon. You can also take a break from combat and go fishing, crafting, cooking and trading.