Elysian War is a free to play turn-based strategy game which challenges players to think like a real military commander. You must not only consider the enemy, but also the weather, the environment, and much more. Select your generals and their lieutenants, choose your troops, and get ready to fight. Carefully consider the lay of the land, the opponent's strengths and weaknesses, and your own capabilities, and plan your strategy accordingly. Once the battle begins, choose your attacks and maneuvers with care. Manage the action, lead your forces with wisdom and initiative, and victory shall surely be yours!

Elysian War Key Features

Choose Your Forces - You have archers and priests for long-range strength, cavalry, spearmen, and swordsmen for hand to hand fights, and more. Units have unique stats and attack options, so choose wisely. A well built and led army can overcome virtually any obstacle!

Generals Who Matter - Every general has unique strengths and weaknesses. Team them up with different lieutenants for a wide array of combinations and tactical options. Upgrade your generals and unlock new skills and enhancements!

Turn-Based Battles - A random card draw system ensures gameplay is never stale; every match will be unique. Different battlefields will present unique challenges and tactical options. Select a general to lead the charge, choose your units, select attacks and more, via manual control. Or, if you've confidence in your troops, let them go on their own with auto-battle mode!

Build Your City - Every good warlord needs a base of operations, and you're no different. In Elysian War, you can build your own city, your way, on your terms.