Empire of Sports is an online multi sports MMOG. The game offers the ability to play as an athlete in a fictional world where only the worlds of sports are of interest. Your character will need training and practice to succeed in specific sports, at the beginning he will be generally healthy but not very skilled in any sport. The more practice your character receives, the higher the achievements he can reach in different areas of sports, depending on his abilities. There are no fixed classes in Empire of Sports, depending on how different muscle areas are trained and how much experience you have in different sports, your characters performance may vary. The goal of the game is to become a star and maybe even dominate the sports world with your club. Become the ultimate athlete in Empire of Sports!

Empire Of Sports Key Features

More Than A Game - The game has been designed to echo the major real life sports events around the world and provide all sports fans an extended space to share and live their passion.

Dynamic And Engaging - Empire of Sports is meant to grow more and more alive, with the constant addition of new sports, clubs, sportsmen, competitions, sport events, sport brands…