Empire Universe 2, also known as Empire Universe 2: Recharged, is one of the most innovative and most powerful science fiction browser games on the market. As a player you have the choice whether to act aggressively or peacefully. The intuitive access makes it easy for beginners to achieve initial success and to find their way in the universe. Once in the game you have all the options: Occupy and savage planets, invest in research or trade with other players. Empire Universe 2 has a huge emphasis on alliances and offers single player as well as large groups, long-lasting fun.

Empire Universe 2 Key Features

Peace Or War - Set off into the galaxy and decide whether to make friends or enemies. Will you hunt down and destroy others, and take what they have? Or will you work with them, to build something bigger?

Corner The Market - Invest in research and unlock new technologies, trade with other players, and maybe you can make a fortune!

Settle New Worlds - The galaxy is vast and full of strange new worlds. Seek them out, colonize them, and build new things.

Browser Based Game - With no downloads, no lengthy patches or client updates, and absolutely no cost, you can log in and play anytime, anywhere!