Empire Universe 3 is a free to play browser-based space exploration strategy game, which provides a whole new game experience for both veterans of the Empire Universe series and new players alike. The players start their career as a commander of an interstellar army and are free to choose their own playing style. Trade and be diplomatic with unlimited amount of players, research new buildings and spaceship technologies, or fight in the vastness of the universe to become a feared and respected warrior. Play alone or in empires with other players; either choice will offer you endless gaming opportunities. A universe of possibilities awaits!

Empire Universe 3 Key Features

Play Alone, Play Together - Choose whether to fly and explore alone, or to play with loads of other players; the choice is up to you.

Victory And Defeat - Fight your way through all challenges you may face, and become respected and feared... or be swept aside, on someone else's path to fame.

Trade And Diplomacy - Build a trade empire, form alliances with other players, and pursue non-violent goals; money and influence are power!

Research And Build - Research new spaceships and structures, and use them to expand your influence and gain advantage over your enemies.

Free To Play - With no downloads, no subscriptions, you can play anytime, anywhere!