Endless Battle is a free to play fantasy MMORPG esque MOBA game that offers endless battle, diverse game modes, and a wide variety of customization options. The land is turmoil, and a hero is needed; you step into the shoes of that hero, and fight to bring light back to the land. Take your pick of five different character classes, from a mighty Knight to a crafty Assassin. Customize your character's skills and gear, and build a character who perfectly fits your playstyle. Fight in an open unrestricted battlefield, or enter team based combat in the arena. If you're a fan of MOBA type controls and combat, Endless Battle might be worth a look.

Endless Battle Key Features

Choose Your Class - Take your pick of five different classes. Take your pick of Warrior, Sorcerer, Priest, Knight and Assassin, with each one offering unique survivability, damage, and mobility options.

Customize Your Character - Modify your selection of skills with a card-type skill system. Equip the perfect gear to enhance your abilities. Build the character of your dreams and crush your opposition.

Immersive Experience - The graphics are pretty, the animations are fluid, and time marches on. Choose your favored control scheme from three different options which will favor MMORPG, MOBA, and TPS players alike!

Diverse Game Modes - You can wander the open battlefield, seeking glory and action. You can also enter the arena and fight in intense 3 vs 3 or 10 vs 10 matches. Choose your favorite!