Energy Heroes is a free to play third-person shooter and MOBA with delightful comic-book inspired graphics and a sci-fi setting focused on mercenary combat. Developed by independent French game development firm DSC Studio22, Energy Heroes is designed to enhance collaborative gameplay by tweaking the usual rules and mechanics found in most MOBAs. Step into this colorful sci-fi setting which pits mercenaries against one another for control of scarce resources, and choose from 10 different characters who come from three different species types, and fight for your side! The third person perspective makes the game approachable for all players, the setting and story are fun and fast, and the gameplay experience is, quite simply, a mix of TPS and MOBA, designed for teamwork and fun. What are you waiting for?

Energy Heroes Key Features

Real Time Map Morphing - Players can alter and morph the map by interacting with items, creating a dynamic experience and requiring on the fly adaptation.

Delightful Setting - From its colorful characters to its comic-book style graphics to the open and immersive environments, Enegry Heroes delivers with a focus on fun!

True TPS Gameplay - You must aim, evade, use cover and maneuvers to evade enemy fire and come out on top. Your weapons and skills are your key to victory; be quick and be sharp!

True MOBA Strategy - Work together with your teammates to achieve strategic objectives; remember, everyone's actions count! Destroy and deploy drones, capture towers and resource depots, and crush the enemy team!

Diverse Characters - Your character will be from one of three species - Humans, Nelmas, and Jorvaks - and will fulfill one of of four roles; assault, auxiliary, protector, or infiltrator. Which role will suit you best?