Enlisted is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter, set in World War II, in which you play as an infantry squad leader, command a tank crew, or play as an aircraft pilot in huge, atmospheric battles. Unlock new soldiers, weapons, equipment and vehicles and improve them with special perks, skills and upgrades.

Each squad consists of multiple soldiers which can be individually trained and equipped with different weaponry and items, letting you plan and play tactically to be ready for every situation on the battlefield. The player will control one soldier directly, while the other soldiers are AI-controlled and obey orders directly. Players also have the option to switch to any other soldier of their squad allowing them to dominate their opponents on every front.

Player characters are quick and agile; they can climb over walls and through windows. Players can also carry up to two main weapons and a sidearm and are able to quickly switch between a prone position, to hide from enemies or get into a sniping position, and standing up again, taking the fight to the enemy. The battle UI gives players all necessary information about their equipment and soldiers at one glance. The minimap and compass aid in navigation, so the player is always aware of where he needs to go. In Enlisted, the players will constantly feel the atmosphere of battle, with non-stop action from the start to finish of a match.

Enlisted aims for a golden middle ground between a casual and hardcore experience. Historical authenticity is an important factor in it's game design, carefully recreating real-world equipment in regards to their looks and roles in battle. Weapons, vehicles and other equipment will always be restricted to the historical time the battles are set in, as well as the nation the player chooses to fight for. As a player, you have to use a tactical approach to combat, as the time-to-kill is very short and a single shot to the chest can defeat an opponent. Vehicles behave within realistic physical limits, shell penetration and damage effects are simulated in detail, magazines have individual bullet counts and locations are crafted to be atmospheric, life-like representations of their historical counterparts.

Game Features:

  • Squads - The game features AI-controlled soldiers in your squad, allowing you to switch between your soldiers at any time and assume control over a remaining squad member upon death.

  • Construction - Allowing engineers to create fortifications and gun positions freely and not limited to predefined areas.

  • Campaign - All game content in Enlisted is attributed to individual campaigns, i.e. the “Invasion of Normandy” and “Battle of Moscow” with even more campaigns to be released in the future