The Epic Might is a free to play fantasy MMORPG for iOS and features dynamic gameplay and storyline. For centuries, the Sheivans and the Narmascians have been at war, battling over contested territories and raiding one another's villages. Now, a new threat has emerged which threatens them both; evil spirits and undead threaten both peoples, and the heroes from both Tribes must fight against these new otherworldly dangers. Can you become the greatest hero of them all, and - perhaps with some help from others, of course - save your homeland? The Epic Might lets you discover this for yourself, on your mobile device!

The Epic Might Key Features

Simple And Comfortable - The Epic Might provides players with a fun, yet simple, 3D battle experience. There are myriad styles of battles you can participate in, and players can team up, create clans, and overcome even more dangerous threats. With lots of PvP and PvE modes, The Epic Might ensures you'll never need to look far to find adventure!

Diverse World - With over 50 playable game locations and over 100 different types of dangerous monsters to encounter, overcome, and outwit, The Epic Might is a true MMORPG. Players can take on one of the 1000+ challenging tasks and quests, compete in PvP arenas, and seek fortune and glory!

Lots Of Character Options - Players can change their characters' battle styles during the middle of a fight - no need to create extra characters! - and deck their characters out with over 600 different types of items and gear. The Epic Might gives you all of the tools you will require to save your homeland!